IceCool Diode Laser 3D

Our products are oriented to the ravages of time and the highest technology, which allows us to offer our customers new and effective treatment options in the medical cosmetic field. Our customers benefit from safe as well as clinically proven technologies and treatments.

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3D + IPL/SHR + E-Light Laser

The Super-IPL (SHR) – SHR hair removal device can penetrate into the deep skin and selectively act on the subcutaneous pigment and blood vessel to break down melanin, close abnormal blood and eliminate the various skin defects. At the same time, SHR can stimulate the rebirth of subcutaneous collagen to make the skin young, healthy and smooth. Instead of the 4 mm depth of traditional IPL technology, Super IPL laser can penetrate the 15 mm depth of the skin for better treatment and a wider treatment area.

The SHR system could achieve more effective hair removal function for dark skin and light hair. IPL laser is a new technology of permanent hair removal that has a resounding success.


3D Alexandrite Laser

The laser not only penetrates deep into the structures, but thereby stimulates the production of the body’s own collagen, which tightens the skin and makes it feel tender. Due to the bundling of the laser energy, not only is the hair released with pinpoint accuracy, but the surrounding tissue is not affected and remains unharmed.

What makes the alexandrite laser so special?In times of innovation and technology, there are numerous possibilities to achieve smooth and gentle skin. The alexandrite laser stands out from other methods due to its gentle action, effectiveness and the time it saves. Your clients will appreciate not only the quick results, but also the time and cost savings, as the laser requires only 5-8 sessions due to its novel technology.

Weight loss


Medical research shows that the polymerized magnetic slimming device effectively reduces muscle by 16% and fat by 19% at the same time after the completion of one treatment
can increase.

– Train the abdominal muscles, sculpt the vest / train the peach hips, create peach hips / train the oblique abdominal muscles and sculpt the V lines off.