Laser highlights

The 375g handpiece

A unique ICE freezing diode laser handpiece
A powerful once-through water pump
Super strong diode fields
Designed for all skin and hair types
Latest ICE freezing technology 2019
Immediate cooling through ICE freezing
Shots 25 million – 50 million – 75 million
Ergonomic handle 375g handle
Super large spot for fast lasering


The new technology with 3 wavelengths
The wavelength used and the pulse energy used ensure optimal results within an average of 3-6 treatments. The sliding process used here ensures painless treatment and long-lasting results. A modern menu navigation and a fairly compact handpiece make the diode laser relatively easy to use. The treatment will be very pleasantly calm and quiet for your customers, which of course further increases the comfort. And the more relaxed your customer is, the more customer loyalty is promoted and maintained.

The Power!