HIFU is a non-surgical treatment for the face, neck, cleavage, abdomen, legs, and buttocks that uses highly-focused ultrasound to treat saggy or tired skin with no downtime.

HIFU devices generate ultrasonic waves and bundle them in the fatty tissue under the skin. This works in a similar way to a magnifying glass that focuses the sunlight. In both cases heat is generated in the focal point.

While concentrated sunlight only heats surfaces, the focus of ultrasound waves can also lie deeper in the tissue. The heat treatment is said to stimulate collagen fibers under the skin to grow and thus tighten the skin. The surface of the skin is not affected.
According to some providers, the fact that bundled ultrasound generates heat should also be suitable for “melting away” fatty tissue and thus removing unwanted fat deposits. We have already published our own article on this.

In addition to HIFU, other skin rejuvenation techniques are also advertised and used: such as lasers, various other types of light or microwaves. All methods aim to heat tissue beneath the skin. We haven’t looked closely at how effective these treatments are.

The ultrasound waves stimulate collagen and elastin production and thus drive the body’s own healing process. HIFU therefore appeals to the body’s natural ability to regenerate. The skin tightens itself, sagging areas stop dangling. So far so good.

The skin gradually becomes firmer, old and unwanted wrinkles are reduced. The HIFU ultrasound treatment has a long-lasting effect. Therefore, the HIFU treatment is often only necessary once or twice and is effective for up to two years.

In the cosmetics institute, the beautician can also use HiFU . HIFU is a high-intensity, focused ultrasound that heats and destroys tissue through the targeted bundling of sound waves. This stimulates the regeneration of the skin and creates a lifting effect.

In contrast, the Hifu treatment can be repeated because the ultrasonic waves are not dangerous. Only the bundling and the resulting high temperatures in the focus point turn the harmless sound waves into an effective therapeutic agent.