3 Wave Premium Laser

Wavelengths of 755 / 808 / 1064 nm are used here. The color pigments in the hair root absorb the emitted, bundled light.

The new technology with 3 wavelengths The wavelength used and the pulse energy used ensure optimal results within an average of 3-6 treatments. The sliding process used here ensures painless treatment and long-lasting results. A modern menu navigation and a fairly compact handpiece make the diode laser relatively easy to use. The treatment will be very pleasantly calm and quiet for your customers, which of course further increases the comfort. And the more relaxed your customer is, the more customer loyalty is promoted and maintained.
Diode laser for gentle treatment The gentle and highly effective process works with light in the red wave range, which in turn is converted into pure energy. You can work selectively and extensively. By treating the hair roots, the long-lasting effect is intensified. The diode laser is ideally equipped with an exact wavelength of up to 808 nm. More precisely, the thermal development ensures that the hair is deserted. The surrounding tissue is not damaged. All skin types and hair types can be treated.

What is the difference to other hair removal procedures? A real diode laser differs from other application methods (such as the classic IPL) through a highly developed light source. In the terminology used, this source is simply called a diode. According to the developers, a good diode in the diode laser should be able to be used with a constant output. The laser light from the diode laser works on an optimized wavelength (808 NM), which is why it is often used for hair removal.
Alexandrite laser: The so-called alexandrite laser is particularly suitable for very light to light skin types and lightly pigmented hair (red, blond, dark blond). This works with a comparatively lower wavelength of 755 nm. In the case of non-pigmented hair, i.e. white or very light hair, the laser treatment is not effective, as the laser cannot detect any pigments and thus also no hair roots.

Diode laser: The diode laser is suitable for medium to brownish and olive skin types with light brown to brown / black hair. This works with a wavelength of 810 nm and recognizes the lighter the skin, the better the hair and effectively destroys it with high-energy laser light. This protects the surrounding skin and effectively destroys the hair roots.

YAG laser: The so-called YAG laser, which works with a wavelength of 1,064 nm, is suitable for light to dark brown to black skin types with black hair. With this high wavelength, the laser light can penetrate very deeply into the skin and also treat dark skin safely.

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